Tristar Athletes IM FLORIDA Advanced Race Pacing Calculator

Please follow the instructions below to get started. (Scroll down this page to find the calculator. Please enter a value for all red text below in the calculator. When you have a working race plan, screen shot your numbers and take them with you! (It may be easier to work with the calculator on your desktop.) Train hard.. and SMART!
— Principal Coach Cliff Scherb

What to enter

1. select race distance

2. Select course terrain

3. Choose the average wind speed on the day.

4.Determine what percentage of the time you will be riding in the aerobars.

5. Train with power? yes? No?

6.Enter your FTP or power you can hold for a one hour time trial.

7. Enter your highest sustainable heart rate you can average for 30minutes.

8. Chose a fitness level or CTL. This calculated as the number of minutes you have averaged of training per day over the past 40 days.

9. Chose your age range.

10. Select your athlete level 1=novice, 2= beginner/intermediate, 3=intermediate, 4 =Advanced to elite pro. (Note this can change time dramatically.

11. Select how "race aggressive" you want to be!

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