Tristar Athletes Northwest


Northwest Team at the races

Tristars of the Northwest have great racing and training grounds to call home. Our athletes from this geography tend to be dedicated and well rounded in their approach to training. Meet the athletes below from their bios and find your Tristar training partners.

NORTHWEST TEam local Training - SMOG

Coach Megan leads a swim every weekend in the San Francisco bay, challenging her athletes to learn proper open water swim technique. She works with a local “squad” of athletes helping them get fitter both in the water and on land with her coaching. Contact Megan to learn more.



Northwest TRAINING and camps

Northwest at the races; We have an extensive network of cyclists, marathoners and ultra distance athletes competing across this geography. To learn more about our team races for this season follow here. Join the team chat on our Facebook team page.

Athletes from the Northwest geography meet together for training and racing education at the following venues and camps.

Northwest Tristar Athletes Bios