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Ironman coaching and training planning

What our coaches say about this race

A long 116 mile bike and "buzz saw" run makes this course formidable if you don't have the proper plan and raceday strategy. Our key bike sessions most remember when preparing for this course in their training peaks plan.... we build up lots of firepower on the bike in training only to not use it in favor of unleashing efforts on the run. We LOVE this course as our Tristar plan includes a sound raceday strategy prepared by our TSA level III coaches that beats out the competition. We find pacing so crucial to both the bike and run that we have been able to have our athletes consistently beat "fitter" athletes based on pacing intelligence. Ask your Tristar coach about our proprietary pacing calculator for this race when registering for this plan and coaching. — Adam Daniels, TSA Level III Coach

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Ironman Mont Tremblant coaching and training planning

What our coaches say about this course

“This race is Canada’s gem. Not once have we ever heard of a bad aspect of this race. The course is challenging but fair, and requires good pacing to deliver a good day. Tristar custom plan features extensive hill climbing, trainer intervals to simulate the major climbs and heart rate challenging sets to run well. ”

— Adam Daniels, TSA Level III Coach

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Maine 70.3 coaching and training planning

What our coaches say about the race

What a beautiful venue and course in the Northeast.  If typical August temperatures prevail, the conditions should be ideal for a great day.  You begin with a point to point, sheltered ocean swim in Saco Bay.  Being wetsuit legal should not be a question for this one.  On the bike, you will start out gently climbing away from the coast and then find yourself cruising back into transition.  Sticking to your pacing and power targets, your legs should be ready to run well off the bike.  With the run course relatively flat and with portions of it being on a tree lined cinder trail, it’s a perfect way to finish up your race.  By following the TriStar plan you should cross the finish line hitting your goals for the day.  Then go and spend your afternoon at the beach where your day started. —Suzanne Turner, TSA Level I Coach

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Ironman texas coaching and training planning


"Go big or go home" is the motto we adopted for this training plan and coaching style for Ironman Texas. The flat + fast bike course requires diligence on the bike and we raised training stress (TSS) to that end so you can run strong off the bike in the woodlands. The trainer based and outdoor ride sessions use a combination of power, RPE, and ♥ rate to create the highest fitness level possible. All of our sessions on the run are timed with your Garmin or similar device so you can do your training and intervals at goal race pace. This plan features a deep base of training that is applied to each individuals ability when filling out the athlete questionnaire. —Cliff Scherb, TSA Level III Coach

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Ironman Tulsa coaching and training planning

What our coaches say about this course

Tulsa is NOT flat... ! The rollers on the bike in this area + the heat will challenge most long course racers as they ride through the Ossage Hills. The run leaves Oklahoma State University’s Tulsa campus and make its way through historic vibrant downtown Tulsa to the River Parks Trail System. Runners will have flat and fast views of the Arkansas River as they make their way down past Tulsa’s Gathering Place and back to downtown to finish at the beautiful Guthrie Green. Our Tristar coaches have a plan for being balanced on all three disciplines and hill specificities to ensure a great run off the bike.. — Coach Cliff, TSA Level III Coach

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Trick or Tri 70.3 COACHING and Training Plan

What our coaches say about the race

A great course for first time athletes and a flat and fast bike across the dam ensures a quick day. The lake swim is beautiful with a looped run within the Santa Fe Recreation area. For our Tristar Southwest teammates this is a local favorite training plan where we introduce plenty of heat specific training sessions with extensive heart rate controlled runs to finish in a "scary" good time! —Cliff Scherb TSA Level III Coach.

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Ironman Maryland Training Plan

What our coaches say about this course

Get low and stay low on the bike, prepare yourself to run quick! This flat and fast course does demand your full attention all day long as there are no breaks on this course. Weather can be a factor with how to pace the bike and typical for this time of year can still be hot or even rainy. The Tristar training plan has several key swim to bike training sessions to derive confidence in the final Build II phase. The overall base is a steady build. We highly recommend listening to our course overview. — Adam Daniels, TSA Level III Coach