TSA-Southwest, RUN

PV Drive run North to Butcher hill route, ~8mile loop

This ~8mi loop run is mostly on dirt trails rolling upwards towards the top of Valmonte before turning left onto the horse trails. From the horse trails and between neighborhoods you will wind your way back to the look out point at Butcher hill before running back down the telephone pole trail to the beach. This route is perfect for those looking to run on softer surfaces for the sake of injury prevention.

TSA-Southwest, BIKE

Hawthorne Climb

The hawthorn climb is one of the longest in Palos Verdes with views of Terranea and Trump golf course from the top. This course will be broken up with flatter sections between major climbs. There are several stops along the way and a refueling opportunity for water and food at the bottom of Hawthorne as well as at the top.