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Tristar Athletes certified coaching program has been designed to shepherd those athletes who want to become not only the best athletes they can be but best coaches.  This apprenticeship program will teach you our training methods, physiology, coaching philosophy, training plans, business application and how to work with endurance athletes of all levels.  We have three tiers of certification as you progress in your coaching apprenticeship.

Program ENROLLMENT and Details

I became a Tristar Certified Coach because they offered a more in depth and ongoing level of teaching than a USAT weekend certification. Not just the basics of how to “coach” but experience that translates into my athletes success and my coaching development.
— TSA Level III Coach, Adam Daniels


Level I Coaches start off working weekly online through live video chat Q&A how to start building your coaching skills. Coaches will learn how to apply Tristar Athletes training plans and workouts to their athletes based on goals and season planning.  Each week will have a topic of discussion and goal to achieve in your training development.  Level I coaches work with Ⓐ and Ⓑ endurance athletes. (Beginner to intermediate and no more than 5 total athletes without approval). 


Level II Coaches build on their L1 certification with more advanced training topics, coaching business applications and build up to work with advanced training plans and athletes.  This program includes weekly live video chat with Tristar Athletes Level III coaches to ask questions and enhance your coaching skills and data analysis.   Each week will have a topic of discussion and goal to achieve in your training development.  Level II coaches work with Ⓐ and up to Ⓒ endurance athletes. (Beginner to Advanced and no more than 10 total athletes without approval). 


Level III Coaches build on their L2 certification and hone in on elite athlete development, data analysis, nutrition coaching, performance management techniques as well as learning "squad based training" working with our ELITE team athletes. Each week will have a topic of discussion and goal to achieve in terms of training development.  Level III coaches work with Ⓐ and up to professional/Olympian/top age group athletes.

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