Tristar Athlete NOVA's

Nova's are newly formed stars, for those new to endurance sports we have a soft spot here at Tristar Athletes.  We understand the process of endurance sports and training can be intimidating.  Let us help guide you along the way with our coaching and expert planning.

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Nova's - and the "ELITE" TEAM


Being a new athlete means learning a lot up front.  From your training, to your plan, nutrition, to your growth and goals, its like drinking from the fire hose!  The ELITE team offers a perfect opportunity to learn from our coaches in the ELITE program in a 1x1 way.  Be dialed in at all times and have a confidant in a coach that knows you, your goals and delivers them in only one way we know how; as a Tristar Athlete! 



The Mentorship program offers a team dynamic to your training beginning and custom plan.  As a new athlete not only do you need to learn from our Coaches but also from an experienced team of Tristar Athletes. Meet up weekly to discuss your training, goals and performances online LIVE with your coach and team.

Meet the Tristar Coaching Team and Staff

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