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Apprencticeship overview

The Level II certification builds on the Level I coaching certification and allows you to take on more advanced athletes and coaching analysis.  Online live video chat with Principal Coach Cliff Scherb occurs weekly, teaching you how to develop your own training plans, libraries and how to work with and manage a small team of athletes.  Level II coaches work with up to 10 athletes at a time and also learn how to apply training loads, advanced analytics with power analysis, season planning, and sport psychology.  Level II coaches will have access to Tristar Athletes official licensed training plans, protocols and workouts to develop athletes based on their goals and season planning.  You will have the ability to ask questions about specific athletes or general principles of coaching during your weekly live video calls.  A total of 52 training modules will be undertaken as well as comprehensive coaching exam to pass the level II program.  To get started please fill out the enrollment application form.


Certified Coaching Comparison 

Please learn more below about each programs benefits, terms, and costs.  Coaches who have already certified with the USAT or other governing body may test out of TSA Level I or TSA Level II depending on their experience levels. 

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Certified Coaching Program costs

The Tristar Athletes certification and coaching apprenticeship program offers profit sharing or monthly cost to participate. Total numbers of athletes below are "sustained" average of athletes per month.  Level I coaches may only work with a maximum of 5 athletes and level II up to 10 sustained athletes at one time.  Proficient coaches with experience and accelerated training may work with more athletes on an approved case by case basis.  (Note: If there are no athletes to coach, the program fee is $600/month. Two athletes sustained in coaching per month is break even to pay for the certification program.)