About US



Established in 2004, Tristar Athletes has been known for expert coaching in endurance sports. We have made it our life long passion to put athletes first and in a position to succeed towards goals and dreams.  We are the thought leaders in endurance physiological training and on the forefront of nutrition,  coaching, and data analysis.

Tristar has helped thousands of endurance athletes with our virtual coaches and local boots on the ground training camps.  Tristar started notably in New York City then expanded to the state of Connecticut (Former home of our Tristar Athletes Testing Facility) and then the Northeast before expanding into a national and international company.  

Our consulting and athletes span the globe. We have extended geographies that include, Tristar Athletes Northeast, Tristar Athletes Southeast, Tristar Athletes Midwest, Tristar Athletes West, Tristar Athletes Southwest, Tristar Athletes Northwest and Tristar Athletes Canada.

Tristar Athletes represents the fastest and growing team of intelligently and individually coached athletes.  The best kept secret in endurance coaching over 15+ years and counting.


The vision

 Our number one goal is you: its you achieving your personal health, athletic and performance goals.  We get to know our athletes personally and dial in the approach in just that way.  We know your time is precious and we strive to cut down on training time, maximize your potential, health and well being while having fun.  

For those who are in it for the long run and seek the highest level of endurance sport performance we rise to the occasion and show you the road map to success.   We think about your training all the time and are the types of coaches that loose sleep at night if your not getting it done!  We want you to be the best endurance self you could ever imagine possible.  Dream big!

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