Coaching Bio, level I

Kyle Halloran, TSA Level I Coach


Coaching Bio

Eight years ago, Kyle was terrified of the idea of an open water swim, and could not bike or run more than a mile from his house because of his crippling anxiety. Today, he is an All-American triathlete looking to shift his focus towards coaching and helping other triathletes realize their potential, physically and mentally. He knows the impact an informed and empathetic coach can have on an individual’s life, and hopes to have a similar impact on the lives of others he will coach. 


In College, Kyle was a Division I Collegiate rower, but decided to take a break from the demands of the sport his senior year. During this time, he began to suffer from panic attacks and constant anxiety, which only grew worse with each passing month. Post- college, Kyle was a a self-described “shell of my former self” with no direction in life and no confidence in his ability to manage a normal life. Then he discovered triathlon. After setting a goal of completing a local sprint triathlon, Kyle found the swim, bike, and run training to be exactly what he needed to find balance in his life once more. From that point on, Kyle made sure to keep training as a pillar in his life. While he found some success in the sport on his own, it wasn’t until he began working with TriStar Principle Coach Cliff Scherb that he began to see his true potential in this sport, going from age group podiums to an overall contender in just about every race he entered.  


Career Highlights


4 Overall Wins

14 Overall Podiums

16 Age Group Wins

37 Age Group Podiums

Rev3 Maine Half - 4:26:13 (Personal Record)

Park City Mossman Olympic - 2:08:05 (Personal Record)

Sandy Beach Sprint - 55:22 (Course Record)

Multiple USAT All American Triathlete

Hello Tristar Athletes!

I am excited to say that I am now in the process of my triathlon coaching career. I will be working under the tutelage of my coach, Cliff Scherb, in the process of becoming a certified TriStar Athletes Coach within the next year. Right now, I am looking to work with beginner/intermediate runners, cyclists, or triathletes looking to take their training and racing to the next level, or simply looking to gain structure and guidance in their exercise program.
— Kyle Halloran

Coach Kyle’s local race support this season

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