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Cliff Scherb, Principal Coach TSA Level III




Cliff Scherb  – Internet endurance consultant is an active triathlete and head of the TriStar Athletes North American and Global Teams.  As the founder and principal coach of TriStar Athletes LLC, he works with the ELITE and MENTORSHIP teams to help athletes, balance training stress, nutrition, and peak for top performances.  Coaching for 15+ years with over 250+ life years of coaching experience, Cliff imparts this knowledge to aspiring athletes. 


Since 2004 Cliff has been training athletes from the beginner to Pro/Olympian levels. He has worked on active hydration strategies with the scientists of the Gatorade Institute (GSSI) and headed the Tristar Athletes Labs for 6 years in Norwalk CT. He is also a F.I.S.T certified bike fitter from ..Fitting over a 1K+ career bike fits. 

Always striving for ways to enhance fitness and shorten race times, Cliff has a philosophy of continuous improvement for his athletes and coaches. He is in it for the long run and his approach to coaching is simple; give the best coaching experience possible by understanding the aspirations of each individual, arming students with knowledge, and then motivating them to stretch to their full potential.


Career Highlights


Cliff is a 6 time USAT All American triathlete whom has competed all across the USA, and internationally, with broad experience ranging from Olympic distance events to the Ironman (with a personal record time of 9hr 7min.) He has raced in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, 3X.  Cliff has also raced the 70.3 World Championships 3X and has a level II USAT Certification. 

Ironman World Championship – Kailua, Kona 2005, 2009, 2010Ironman 70.3 World Championship, Clearwater. (4hr 16min) PRIronman Florida (9hr 07min) PRIronman Arizona (9hr 17min)Ironman Lake Placid (10hr 07min) 2005, 206, 2007Ironman Coeur D’AleneIronman Western AustraliaIronman MalaysiaDuke Blue Devil IronmanSt Croix Half IronEagleman Half IronCancun Half IronmanGatorade Institution Half IronGenesis Sports, Harriman Half IronNew York City TriathlonMighty Montauk TriathlonEmpire State Building Climb



Cliff also races as an elite type 1 diabetic athlete. His Ironman Florida (9:07) race time is the second fastest ever as a diabetic. He also holds the record at the Half Ironman World Championships in Clearwater Florida at (4:16min).

Cliff has also been the coach of the Team Type 1 triathlon team, racing for them in the 2009 season as well as the coach the Triabetes athletes as well.

To learn more about Cliffs diabetes consulting/coaching email him!

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