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Attila Kelemen, TSA Level I Coach


Coaching Bio

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Attila started his triathlon journey like most everybody else: by downloading a one-size-fits-all 8-week training plan from the web. While that helped him complete his first Olympic-distance race without much drama, it also made him realize just how much knowledge, science and experience it takes to not 'just' finish but also to realize meaningful performance gains.  

Attila has been involved in various sports throughout his life, both on a high school and college level, from track through basketball to kick-boxing. He took a break from structured training in his 30s before returning to running, up to the half-marathon distance which eventually piqued his curiosity to explore the world of endurance.

During the course of the past 8 seasons as a TriStar athlete, he has developed a deep appreciation for the ultimate triad of triathlon training: workout specificity, nutrition and rest. He believes helping the athlete keep these three factors in balance, while carefully pushing the envelope or optimize in each area as appropriate, should be the focus of coaching, whether she/he trains for a sprint distance race or an Ironman.

While having the discipline to stick to a training plan is critical to quantifiable improvement and success, Attila is also a great believer of listening to the body. Data is super-helpful in gauging performance and progress but how the athlete actually feels before, during or after a workout is equally, if not more, important. Taking these subjective observations into careful consideration is where a coach can, and should, make a difference in an athlete's life.

A triple citizen of the world and a self-confessed data geek, Attila lives in Connecticut with his family and when not coaching or training, he spends time chasing marketing goals at a professional services firm.

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Career and Coaching Highlights

Most memorable races so far:

IM Lake Placid
IM Maryland

IM 70.3 Timberman

Toughman 70.3

IM 70.3 Eagleman

Challenge Atlantic City 70.3
IM 70.3 Budapest

Bassman 70.3
Westchester Tri

“Consistency trumps ‘big days’. Continuously making deposits in the fitness bank, as small as they may sometimes seem, will make a big withdrawal on race day that much more manageable. That said, every so often ‘life happens’ and some course-correction is inevitable - that’s where the TriStar coaching approach, backed by science and experience, is guaranteed to make a difference.”
— Attila Kelemen


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