Coaching Bio, level III

Adam Daniels, TSA Level III Coach


Coaching Bio

Adam Daniels is a coach, ultra runner and triathlete based in Boulder, CO. Adam developed his passion for triathlon after many years as a runner and much encouragement from his peers to give it a “tri”. After suffering an injury, Adam started swimming and biking to satisfy his need for an active lifestyle. “It was a much needed break from the thousands of running miles logged training and racing. I developed a whole new competitive drive”. So Adam set out to take on the triathlon world.

“Always progress” is Adam’s philosophy in life as well as sport. “It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are moving, as long as you are moving forward”. He incorporates this philosophical style into his coaching and hopes to inspire others by leading through example and demonstrating a solid work ethic. Then motivating them to reach his/her potential and achieve their individual goals. “I know first hand the power of setting a goal, putting in your blood, sweat and tears, and then ultimately achieving that goal, and the impact it has on your overall quality of life”

“I want to help others achieve this!”

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Career Highlights

– 14+ podium finishes
– Holds current Connecticut resident marathon record for the Delaware Marathon Festival.
– Completed 14 marathons in 2010 with a sub 3:00 average.
– Completed 2 Ultras in 2010 – 3rd place finish GCI 50K, 2nd place finish Around the Lake 12 hour run.
– 3rd AG Mooseman International Triathlon
– Top 10 and 2nd AG KIC IT Triathlon
– 1st AG Toughman Half Iron
– 3rd AG Beach to Battleship Iron Distance Triathlon.
– USAT Age Group National Championship Qualifier.

“It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are moving, as long as you are moving forward”
— Adam Daniels


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