Weight Optimization Consult


Getting to your goals in sport and in body health is a complex endeavor. Working with our principal coaches and nutritionists, you will lay out your goals whether its lose weight, gain muscle or lean out. This consult starts the foundation for our Tristar Nutrition Program and will help you to master energy balance and total health.

We start by getting to know you one to one and then design a macro nutrient schedule that is easy to follow. With your Tristar coaching experts, you will review your current nutrition program and will receive feedback how to make adjustments towards your goals. Realistic time frames towards completion and an analysis with write up will provide the road map for your next steps. The hard part was getting to Tristar, now let us show you how to gain nutrition health in a smart and fast way.

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The plan

Your individual sports performance nutrition plan begins with a 60 to 90 minute consultation to review your training schedule, goals, medical, nutrition, and diet history. You are encouraged to keep a 3-5 day food and training diary to assist our nutritionist in determining your typical intake of overall calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat, fluids, vitamins, and minerals. You will be provided with sample meal plans, overall nutrition goals and a shopping list based on your specific training and lifestyle needs. Follow-up appointments are 30-60 minutes, provide ongoing education based on your changing training and competition needs, and can address any of the following as appropriate:

Your optimal energy intake to meet your training and weight goals

  • Calculation of your daily carbohydrate, protein, and fat needs

  • Changing energy needs with training cycles

  • Pre-training/competition nutrition requirements

  • Proper fueling during training/competition

  • Ensuring optimal recovery with adequate nutrition and protein

  • Hydration and electrolyte needs during endurance activity

  • Proper use of sports nutrition supplements

  • Vitamin and mineral supplementation