Tristar Athletes SouthWest



Tristar Athletes Southwest Geography boasts some of the best year round training grounds North America has to offer. Ocean to desert our athletes have plenty of opportunity to mix it up training and racing together.  New to the group? Join in below on the Facebook group page to see local training sessions, races and current events.  Join us, get fast together and learn the best practices in endurance sports. 


The Southwest team meets at many marquis and local races to cheer each other on.  Go Tristar! can be heard often and loudly as our team pushes the boundaries of whats possible. We organize team meet ups prior to race and afterwards for post race celebrations to debrief and share the race experience.  Learn more about select team races this year.

SoCal Training Camp 

Our athletes across the world hone in on our Southwest training camp held annually in Redondo Beach CA in early winter.  Swim, bike run coaching instruction in a friendly & healthy competitive environment that fosters the individual athlete wanting to prepare themselves for the pre season of racing.   Learn more below on registration details.

Local Training Resources and support