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Oceanside 70.3 coaching and training planning

What our coaches say about this course

A bucket list triathlon to do once in your career for sure. Top level athletes go to this race to show their stuff early in the season. An ocean swim with hilly bike course soften your legs for a great Pacific Ocean front seat 13.1 mi marathon run. Many key training plan sessions for this race come into our Tristar plan to get you ready including fast start swim workouts, key brick sessions and hill specific long runs.
— Cliff Scherb, TSA Level III Coach

Coaching Plan Overview


  • Oceanside 70.3 course specific coaching plan made for you and your goals.

  • Daily workouts and season plan overview hand crafted for you.

  • Tristar video and audio reviews of the training block phase and how it relates to the course dynamics. Training peaks sessions designed for peak performance. (Export to all devices)

  • Raceday course overview and pacing strategy.

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Elite Team

Custom training plan,1x1 Coach to athlete relationship.

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Mentorship Team

Custom training plan, group coaching dynamic.


Plan Only

Customized Plan for "X" number of weeks.

About the race

At one time, before Ironman triathlon events become so prolific, it seemed as if the Oceanside 70.3 served as the unofficial start of the triathlon season. Now, thanks to the year round, global nature of the sport, it’s hard to say exactly when the season begins but here at Coeur, we still put a big circle around the date in March for Oceanside. To be a bit more precise, we make a big “heart symbol” around the date because we love the event.

For Coeur Sports, the Oceanside 70.3 www.ironman.com is practically a local race. It’s just down the road from our offices in Santa Monica and it’s one of our favorite events. The field always seems stacked with top pros and age groupers and for some reason, the race frequently generates a sprint finish between a few of the top athletes.

For those of you coming out for this fantastic event that are not from the Southern Californian area, here’s some information we hope you find helpful.

Oceanside is the third largest city in San Diego County and has a fantastic harbor, great restaurants and plenty of the famous Southern Californian relaxing vibe. Its pier is the longest wooden pier on the Pacific Coast, so it is a great place to walk and as everyone will tell you... you won’t have to worry about the weather. The San Diego weather is the best in the country. It is almost always perfect. No polar vortex here!

The city of Oceanside is a 40 minute drive from San Diego and (usually) a two hour drive from Los Angeles. That’s the good news. The bad news is that to get there you may have to take the 405 freeway which is one of the most busy and congested highways in America. So when you get here, stay put for a while, enjoy the Oceanside pier and watch the surfers do their thing. Also don’t forget your golf clubs... there are more than 90 golf courses close to the Oceanside area....some quite famous, almost all of them some are spectacular. Now the race.

The race originated as an Ironman event in 2000 and 2001 and completely held at Camp Pendleton, which is the major West Coast base of the US Marine Corp. The Camp has over 125,000 acres of varied terrain and 17.1 more miles of shoreline. But after 9/11, the race was turned into one of the first 70.3 events, due to the heightened security. Now, the bike portion is the only part of the race allowed within Camp Pendleton. But the city of Oceanside worked alongside Camp Pendleton to accommodate the race, going so far as to allow the one and only time of the year that anyone is allowed to swim in Oceanside Harbor.

The athletes will swim in Oceanside Harbor, cycle through San Clemente State Park and Camp Pendleton and run through Oceanside’s beachfront neighborhood. For an “Ocean Swim”, the water is generally somewhat calm but the swells can pick up at the turn around. The bike is really interesting since it combines stretches of flat at the beginning and the end that can be lightning fast with three pretty significant climbs in the middle. And the run is very spectator friendly since it is a two loop course through the neighborhoods.