LIVE Weekly coaching call of your custom program and plan with your Tristar coach.


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Tune in every Wednesday

at 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EDT

Welcome to the mentorship team! Our mentorship team is designed for those athletes who need a customized training plan, group contact online with a Tristar Coach, and have a  customized plan based on their goals and abilities. It is another great option to our ELITE team.

The mentorship team meets weekly and communicates on Facebook live to cover training, racing, nutrition, data analysis and to answer questions you may have. 

Program Details include

  • Customized Season Plan - from your athlete questionnaire built by our Tristar Athlete Coaches. Mapped out races leading towards your “A” priority season planned race. 

  • Custom Plan with daily workouts that sync with your device from training peaks guiding you every step of the way. “Speed up”, “Slow down”, "raise your heart rate to stay in zone”.

  • Strength training and stretching included as needed.

  • Athletes must sign up for or link a current premium Training Peaks account here. Here your workouts are posted, and training data for progress reviewed prior to each new training period.

  • Addition to our Facebook team pages based on your geography to meet other Tristar Teammates to train and race with.


Learn more about joining the team and sponsorship benefits

Mentorship Team Pricing

Getting started

Step 1: Sign up, tell us about you and your goals.

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Step 2: Link an existing or new Training Peaks account to your coach for your training plan.

Step 3: Chose a time on your  coaches calendar to contact you and get started.