Athlete Bio

Peter "mäktig" Ekvall- athlete bio

Athlete Bio

Age: M50-54

Geography: Tristar Athletes Northeast

State: Connecticut

Fun facts: Peter is a student of endurance sports and has been absorbing the coaching process ever since he joined Tristar three years ago. Peter had a background in cycling and was by his coaches estimation then overtraining to the point he was getting sick and injured. Ready to make a change in direction he switched gears into triathlon and began growing his legs into a bike to run format where he has been moving upwards ever since.

Highly intuitive, highly competitive, fun, passionate and an overall amazing human being Peter is a Tristar you want to join forces with!

Bio, goals and races, tactics: Peter has been serious about raising his run FTP each season and this year has mastered the art of pacing and building durability in triathlon to take on the Maine 70.3. He recently raced the CT 70.3 to gain strength in the hills and support his peak performance in Maine. Having a good day for him will most certainly mean a top 10 age group performance and to do so he will need to be strategic on the bike to unleash a big run he has been building.

BT: Break through 🏆In recent training Peter smashed this pace specific run session we delivered to his Garmin, running 15miles at the track at a high intensity.

  • Peter has been using specifically targeted running races to raise his run threshold over the winter months and into the spring.

  • Uses a combination of heart rate based training and pace + power to dial in his race-day approach. Peter also trains by run power to maximize his economy and Raceday outputs.

  • Trains with a Wahoo Kicrk/Zwift setup to maximize his training time.

  • Joined our Lake Placid race camp in 2018 where he “showed us how its done” on the White Face climb ; ). Impressive power as Peter stands a modest 6ft 6’! Not easy to climb there under an hour, somehow Peter managed to go to the top more than once that day ; )

  • High degree of fitness to support his training goals; Peter through careful coaching has been able to achieve a higher run training load (without injury) at the right times of the year to raise his FTP' on the run while still maintaining his bike prowess.

  • ELITE team member.

Custom training plan + advanced education to support Peters races, training and goals.

“Training plan-for success” - Peters recent training planning for his season

Meet the coaches that work together as a unit to support this athlete