The very best in 1X1 coaching

Our Tristar ELITE coaching represents the very best in one to one instruction.  We start off getting to know you and your goals and build a program from the ground up thats best for you and your busy life.

Together you and your Tristar coach will road map your season from the 10,000 foot level view right down to the tree level; No mysteries as to where you stand, you and your coach will work together in tandem using training data from Training Peaks to beat the competition or achieve your goals. Develop a connection and rapport with your Tristar coach where they understand "you" and what makes you tick.


Coaching Program Details

  • Daily custom workouts to your schedule and needs. Improve performance with less training time. (ELITE team athletes improve 3X the training results of other options.)

  • Constant contact with your Tristar Coach (a vested coach and athlete relationship)

  • Annual season race and training plan.

  • Raceday nutrition plan.

  • Unlimited email.

  • Coaching consulting to review your data and progress together.

  • Performance Management Coaching (Working with our coaches and the PMC reduces injuries by 50%, improves consistency and your ability to peak at the right time.)

  • Heart rate analysis and zones setup / maintenance.

  • Powermeter Analysis

  • Race planning, pacing and data analysis.

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