Athlete Bio

Jenn "Smiles for miles" Geiger - athlete bio

Athlete Bio

Age: F30-34

Geography: Tristar Athletes Southwest

State: Hermosa Beach, California

Fun facts: Jenn is one of the most compassionate athletes on the Tristar Athletes team. Jenn also loves her bikes and recently has taken a liking to mountain bikes…. tri… errr road… well anything with two wheels really!

Bio, goals and races: Coming to Tristar Athletes two years ago Jenn was brand new to endurance sports. Since then she has increased her endurance each season racing sprints and olympics then building to half ironmans and also pushing her limits with an occasional half marathon. Jenn will be racing Santa Barbara long course this weekend and has already had a busy race schedule that started off with Oceanside this season at our race camp.

  • Jenn recently changed up her Job hours to allow her more time to recover and train. Choosing a more quality lifestyle that has allowed her to have more intensity in her training. As a result her speed and recovery has improved as well as her ability to compete over longer distances.

  • FTP’s can take some time to build and often times the goal of going longer in races can be mutually exclusive to getting faster. With this in mind Jenn has a plan to raise her FTP (Functional Threshold Paces and Power)

  • Trains with a Wahoo Kicrk/Zwift setup to deliver her training peaks sessions with accuracy.

  • Crazy good swimmer; Jenn has an edge when it comes to swimming and is usually at the front of her age for local swim races.

  • Jenn enjoys swimming year round at the local Tristar Athletes SMOG group in Redondo Beach.

  • Tristar family training; Jenn’s husband Doug Geiger also trains with her and they make a great team motivating each other in a “healthy competitive way.

  • Tristar ELITE team member

Custom training plan + advanced coaching education to support Jenn’s races, training and goals.

“Training plan-for success” - Jenn’s recent knowledge base for training and racing

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