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Walter "gun show" Welsh - athlete bio

Tristar Athletes Northeast Team -Walter "gun show" Welsh - Walter has taken on some of the more challenging races in cycling across the country. From Fondo’s to tours, he has improved dramatically in just a few short seasons. Walter came out to our Oceanside race camp in 2019 and wasn’t satisfied with just any long ride, so he blazed his own trail to the top of Palomar Mountain. He wasn’t done there, he helped pull home the entire team on day three from San Diego to Oceanside!

Athlete Bio

Kurt "Young Jedi" Skalamera- athlete bio

Tristar Athletes Northeast Team -Kurt "Young Jedi" Skalamera -  “….Nothing cools me down like a jump in the ocean after a long run. Nothing hydrates me like an ice cold beer after a long ride. I dive into movies like I dive into the pool: full immersion! Recovery days are the best when I can binge a good show or host a movie marathon. NYC is my home and I love all that it offers for food, culture, art and - not least of all - training!”