Athlete Bio

Nobuyuki "Yuki" Yukawa - athlete bio

Athlete Bio

Age: M55-59

Geography: Tristar Athletes Southwest

State: USA, Torrance California originally Kobe, Japan back in 1983

Fun facts: Coach Cliff: “All of our athletes should posses Yuki’s silent drive and determination to improve. Yuki has been following the training and planning methodically for years and getting faster. One of the great Tristar ambassadors, Yuki has been a team player at our races and camps brining new energy and speed to everyone he trains with. Chance meetings with great athletes dont happen often, I feel lucky to have met Yuki and help him achieve his goals.

Yuki:My first race was Xterra off-road triathlon @ Laguna Beach back in 2016. I started MTB 7 years before that and self-trained for a year and finally I made it. After that race, I came across a swimming group, SMOG, and got to know Cliff and now I'm racing 70.3 Ironman and training is part of my life. I want to play golf once in a while, but I guess I'm not good at managing my spare time ;) My hobby is being a couch potato and watching TV!”

My bike improved a lot second year with Cliff, so now I need to focus on running, but as I run longer and faster.

What races are you currently signed up for?: IM 70.3 Santa Cruz

Number of years as a Tristar Athlete and years in endurance sports: 4

What are you goals?: A short term goal is 5:15 for Santa Cruz 7.3. 2020 goal is finishing one full Ironman. Mid term and long term goal is sub 5 and AG 1st by age 60. Ultimate goal will be finishing Moab 240.

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  • Tell us more about your training and racing history and accomplishments: Xterra Laguna Beach short course offroad triathlon in 2016

    Xterra Laguna Beach long course 2017

    Hermosa Beach Sprint 2016

    Redondo Beach Sprint 2016

    Santa Cruz 70.3 in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

    St George 70.3 in 2018

    Oceanside 70.3 in 2019

  • Training Notes: I love/hate bike trainer training. …Maybe because the dumb trainer I use. I need to replace it with nice and fancy direct drive smart trainer sooner. hehehe

  • MENTORSHIP team member

  • Runs with a Stryd pod for solid run results.

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