Athlete Bio

Tanya "strong" Parmley - athlete bio

Athlete Bio

Age: F50-54

Geography: Tristar Athletes Northwest

Country and state: USA, Walnut Creek CA

Fun fact: “… I have always been athletic and love to be active, both indoors and outdoors. I'm very driven and goal oriented and while I have generally driven others to meet their goals (which I love to do!!) I have only recently found the true drive and passion to push myself through the sport of triathlon. I'm married with two amazing (almost grown) children and have been lucky to work in fitness since they were born. I was fearful of swimming (I didn't know how to swim) and of getting hit by cars on my bike outside. So, I finally bit the bullet and learned how to swim and started riding outdoors with a group of like minded women. I absolutely have grabbed fear by the horns never looked back. I have since done several triathlons, including one 70.3 and love the feeling of structure, accomplishment and seeing my friends achieve similar goals. Its a lifelong process and journey that I have embraced and realize that I'm only getting stronger as I get older.”

Bio, goals and races: “  To continue to get stronger in all three sports. Specifically the swim. Also, I would love to finish a half-ironman in less than 6 hours and 30 minutes. This is a hefty goal, but I know that I can do it.

I started training in 2016 with another coach and recently switched to Megan with Tri-Star. I feel confident with the training strategy, with my coach and especially the running. I've worked very very hard on my swimming, having gone from a complete and total non-swimmer with anxiety in the water, to someone who now feels confident in the water. I attribute a large part of that to Megan Tobin.

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“Training plan-for success” - Tanya’s recent fire power for racing

Custom training plan + advanced education to support this athletes races, training and goals.