Athlete Bio

Samantha "First place" Firstenberg - athlete bio

Athlete Bio

Age: F25-29

Geography: Tristar Athletes Southeast

State: Bethesda, MD

Fun facts: “In my second triathlon ever, I was racing and fundraising for Team Fight which at the time was affiliated with Livestrong. Lance Armstrong was racing too - him the half iron, me the Olympic distance. When I was running, I heard someone coming up behind me and then I felt this tap on my lower back (like a come on, you got this). I looked to my left and there he was...Lance Armstrong saying “let’s go team fight” and giving me a little morale boost. You bet a found a little speed to run with him...for about 10 feet. Lol.”

my fun fact is always that I do triathlons but that’s not a fun fact here! Interesting things about me...I love to ski. I got 29 days in last year in Utah which isn’t too shabby for this east coaster. I’m also a speed demon on the slopes. I hit 71.9mph this year!”

Coaches Note: Samantha has one of the strongest indoor training regimens on the Wahoo that we have seen. She does an amazing job of working her power sessions and holding a high output on a regular basis - its not wonder she is so strong!

Bio, goals and races, tactics:  This fall is shaping up to be aa busy one for Samantha racing IM 70.3 Atlantic City, IM 70.3 Wilmington, and the NYC Marathon.

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  • “Like many other triathletes, the dream is to race the 70.3 world champs and Kona one day. Hoping to break 5:30 this year in a 70.3 (that doesn’t get its swim canceled!).”

  • Training and racing history and accomplishments: 2 X (and 136/140.6) Ironmans

    12 Half Ironmans

    USAT Age Group Nationals X 2

    4 X age group podiums (sprints)

  • Trains with a Wahoo Kicrk/Zwift setup to maximize her training time.

  • racing memory: Most emotional: crossing the finish line of my first Ironman. The sheer magnitude of what I had just accomplished was overwhelming.

  • ELITE Tristar Athletes team member for two years.

“Training plan-for success” - Sam’s training planning

Custom training plan + advanced education to support Sams races, training and goals.