"Finding Santa Rosa" Setting up the perfect Ironman

Planning your races up to Ironman Santa Rosa

Its still 2018 but if your going long next year you are already t-ing up the big event and staring to think about which races to do.  We at Tristar Athletes are long term goal oriented types and planning is our thing!  We pulled together several featured Tristar plans we are preparing for our athletes and the timing considerations for you to think about.  


This fall leaves you enough time to race an Olympic distance triathlon in the Tristar Athletes Southwest geography and get working on your speed now which only upgrades your Ironman Santa Rosa potential.  Developing your FTP's functional threshold pace and power's are critical towards raceday potential.  As an example Malibu Tri is an excellent opportunity to lock in a hard and fast race this September.


During the winter months where getting in longer rides can be difficult we have our athletes look towards increased running loads and speeds to build stamina for their Ironman runs. Targeting a Half marathon for the December to March time frame is ideal for Ironman Santa Rosa.
— Cliff Scherb, TSA Level III Coach


This is your key base to build phases and should feature a half ironman event.  Races can be a bit limited and if you are training in most of North America at this time it will be cold and likely indoors training only.  Our plans are designed for trainers, treadmills and the great outdoors. We are Strava fanatics as well as Wahooligans and enjoy both the  "in" and "out" when gearing up for IM Santa Rosa. 

Your ideal timing for Ironman Santa Rosa would be an 70.3 ~5-7 weeks out from the race and up to as far out as 12 weeks depending on your selected plan, time, fitness level and experience and goals.   (If you decide to use Oceanside weekend as a race weekend the first week of April, learn more here about our Tristar Athletes Oceanside Race-Camp. Perfect whether you are racing or training)

The lead in to Ironman Santa Rosa leaves one final build block and allows you to use all of the racing and training history to your advantage.  Talk with our coaches about how to setup your plan for Ironman Santa Rosa and build a roadmap to success.