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New York City Marathon coaching and training planning


“Iconic and an absolute bucket list marathon for any runner. Running amongst the NYC skyline and throughout the borough is challenging as is taking on hills from the bridges! The Tristar plan has great pace work sessions to deliver strength so you finish strong in Central Park.”

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Ironman Lake Placid coaching and training planning

What our coaches say about the course

“The beast of the Ironman East Coast! It is one of the top Ironman races on the circuit and we as TSA coaches love it because our training plan and raceday strategies help you achieve your goals. This course takes "artwork" in terms of preparation and pacing.” —Coach Adam Daniels, TSA Level II Coach

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New York City Triathlon coaching and training planning

What our coaches say about the race

The New York City Triathlon is an incredible bucket list race that allows you to watch some of the fastest pros in the world go head to head before taking on the course yourself. With a supportive current on the swim, one spectator once noted that a bag of Cheetos made it through the swim course in under 18 minutes :) . The bike course will make you work hard to get you to the run, but it is worth it once you make your way through Central Park. —Coach Kyle Halloran TSA Level I Coach

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Westchester Olympic Triathlon

What our coaches say about this course

A favorite local Tristar Athletes Northeast course with just the right amount of technical course challenge. A hard bike on the way out and "easy" on the way back. We prepare you for this course to manage the hills on the bike and the run with hill specific training.

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Brooklyn Half Marathon Training Plan

A custom training plan for you and your goals up to the New York City Half Marathon. Includes race specific coaching and sessions geared towards a peak Raceday performance. Plan features, audio and video content from Tristar Athletes coaches on how to best prepare for the event. Follow your custom training plan up to Raceday to achieve your personal best.

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