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North Carolina 70.3 coaching and training planning


A quick all around type of day in Wilmington. The point to point swim is fast with the current and a generous flat course on the bike where every "hill" rewards you with a bit of break from the flatter sections. The time of year also cooler and less humid tends to make the run equally faster and pleasurable. Our team of coaches have put together plan prep that is ideal for this course with specific bike training stress as well as run specific repeats to make you finish strong with a smile. Get ready to go fast and achieve your quest for that elusive 70.3 PR! —Cliff Scherb, TSA Level III Coach

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Ironman world championships coaching and training planning


Its is the beacon of triathlon, shining brightly and it is the steady pull and allure that all triathletes are drawn to... Just getting there may be the ultimate challenge and which much of the thrust of our coaching and planning for this course will be all about. Once you get into the race; we build the approach from the ground up to prepare you for the race of your life. You know its hot... you know its windy, and your know you will be ready because you are working with the Kona experts, Tristar Athletes! —Cliff Scherb, TSA Level III Coach

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New Orleans 70.3 Training Plan


Going big in the BIG easy! We prepare our athlete with a plan that introduces course specific intervals for your ability to ride a flat and fast course. We have specific long ride prep for the two loop bike course that forces you to pace early and be able to unload onto the run and down "stars & Stripes BLVD."! Total training stress we will be crafted for you individual goals whether your first New Orleans 70.3 or hunting for a worlds podium spot. With the race being later in the year, temperatures can also be warm and our heat "acclamation" protocol will help you adjust to the humid conditions. —Adam Daniels, TSA Level III Coach

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Trick or Tri 70.3 COACHING and Training Plan

What our coaches say about the race

A great course for first time athletes and a flat and fast bike across the dam ensures a quick day. The lake swim is beautiful with a looped run within the Santa Fe Recreation area. For our Tristar Southwest teammates this is a local favorite training plan where we introduce plenty of heat specific training sessions with extensive heart rate controlled runs to finish in a "scary" good time! —Cliff Scherb TSA Level III Coach.

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Ironman Louisville training plan


...Don't be deceived this bike course has some elevation! For the Tristar plan we dial up the total training stress and hill work to be well prepared. (Be sure to tell us if you live somewhere flat ; ) ....Featured bike and run course specific time trials are part of this plan as well for IMLV. This ironman course takes place in the South in October which can be warmer during the day and cooler in the morning and evenings with heat being less of an issue. The flat run finishing on Fourth street is fun as the fans pull you home! —Cliff Scherb, TSA Level III Coach

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Chicago Marathon Training Plan


Flat and fast, this early October event is a big city blast. Its hard not to get swept up in the first 13.1 miles and blow your ♥ and legs before making it across the line. For this course specific plan we have created multiple sessions to teach you how to pace correctly based on your race time goals so you break the tape knowing you gave it everything you had. —Adam Daniels, TSA Level III Coach

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Waco 70.3 Training Plan

What our coaches say about the race

The 56 mile bike course is a single-loop course through the beautiful Central Texas rural roads. The single-loop course will take athletes past the Waco Lake and through the Waco wetlands. The first 20 miles will take you on a gentle, gradual climb of app 260 ft with a steady, fast descent returning to downtown Waco, making for a flat, fast finish into T2. For this Tristar training plan we focus on run speed and stamina. Speed and form for running on a flat and hotter course. The bike will be a favorite of this course! Steady riding is essential for a great run off.— Cliff Scherb, TSA Level III Coach

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Arizona 70.3 Training Plan

What our coaches say about the course

This is a fast course with lots of turns on the bike. You will need to keep your head down to go quick and save energy for the run. Our Tristar plan build up training stress and specificity for riding a bigger gearing on a flat course. Specific brick and trainer sessions will make sure you can finish strong in Tempe. —Cliff Scherb, TSA Level III Coach

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Xterra Maui World Championships Training Plan

What our coaches say about the race

“Xterra Maui is the ultimate championship race and super challenging. Hard core swim and surf with a hilly and very hot / technical mountain bike make worthy of a World Championship! Our Tristar training plan calls for our heat training protocol as part of the final six weeks leading up to the event and includes some hard runs off the bike into the hills to set up your best ever on this course. ”

— Cliff Scherb, TSA Level III Coach