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Indian Wells 70.3 coaching and training planning

What our coaches say about the course

New to the 70.3 race scene as of 2018, this course is fast for sure. Water temps can be nice and cool as is the air temperatures to start the day. Could be just what you needed to get that half ironman PR?! This Tristar Athletes training plan has training stress that hits it just right for the bike and run sessions timed to keep the feet fast coming off the bike.” —Cliff Scherb, TSA Level III Coach

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North Carolina 70.3 coaching and training planning


A quick all around type of day in Wilmington. The point to point swim is fast with the current and a generous flat course on the bike where every "hill" rewards you with a bit of break from the flatter sections. The time of year also cooler and less humid tends to make the run equally faster and pleasurable. Our team of coaches have put together plan prep that is ideal for this course with specific bike training stress as well as run specific repeats to make you finish strong with a smile. Get ready to go fast and achieve your quest for that elusive 70.3 PR! —Cliff Scherb, TSA Level III Coach

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Ironman Santa Rosa coaching and training planning

What our coaches say about the race

A cooler temp (Usual to this early season race) and great since it is in wine country! Also a great first timer course and a place to PR. For this Tristar race specific plan we have added quality training sessions in the aerobars due to the flat nature of the course. Longer runs and rides have a steady effort to the training as both the bike and run being flat need constant efforts to keep moving! Course coaching will discuss the benefits of pacing this course over video and audio. —Kyle Halloran, TSA Level I Coach

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Santa Cruz Half Marathon Training Plan


...consists of a 13.1-mile run/walk along scenic West Cliff Drive past breathtaking vistas of the Pacific coastline. Runners then pass through the surrounding neighborhoods and make their way west along a paved path through strawberry fields, past historic farm buildings to Wilder Ranch Sate Park. From there, it’s a loop on the Old Cove Landing Trail (unpaved) with incredible views of the rugged ocean bluffs. Runners then retrace their steps back to the finish line festivities on Cowell’s Beach just a stone’s throw from the start line. —Cliff Scherb, TSA Level III Coach.

half-marathon, tsa-north-america, california, 1st-week, fast, flat, cool, march, tsa-northwest

Livermore Half Marathon Training Plan


The Livermore Valley Half Marathon, featuring the very best of California's oldest wine region, including the popular Wine, Beer and Music Festival hosted in the heart of Downtown Livermore. This is a beautiful and quick course through wine country and not overly taxing or challenging. Its a perfect early season race to PR or get some racing miles in towards other races you are training for. —Cliff Scherb TSA Level III Coach.

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Boston Marathon Training Plan


Iconic and bucket list are words we use to describe this race. Simply a must do once in your lifetime. We crafted this training plan to take you through base to build and peak phases that address the unique demands of this course. Your key workouts will be memorable as is the race!

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Ironman St George 70.3 Training Plan


One of the tougher half ironman on the Ironman circuit. Hilly and extensive long climbs on the bike make this course one of our favorites here at Tristar. For your plan we feature muscular endurance sessions for the bike and the run to make sure your go big in the desert. (*Plan includes custom course Zwift workout files)

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Superfrog 70.3 Coaching and Training Plan

What our coaches say about the race

“An underrated course is what we say. It may be at the epicenter of triathlon (San Diego, CA) but its a low key competitive event. The sand beach run makes it a challenge and the Socal vibe is present. This custom Tristar training and race plan has pool based open water swim sessions to get you race ready as well as trainer sessions with larger gearing for the flat bike course.  ”

— Haluk Sarci, TSA Level II Coach