2019 TSA Team Race

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Ironman Arizona coaching and training planning

What our coaches say about the course

A custom training plan for you and your goals up to the Ironman Arizona. Includes race specific coaching and sessions geared towards a peak Raceday performance. Plan features, audio and video content from Tristar Athletes coaches on how to best prepare for the event. Follow your custom training plan up to Raceday to achieve your personal best. - Coach Adam Daniels, TSA Level III Coach

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Ironman Mont Tremblant coaching and training planning

What our coaches say about this course

“This race is Canada’s gem. Not once have we ever heard of a bad aspect of this race. The course is challenging but fair, and requires good pacing to deliver a good day. Tristar custom plan features extensive hill climbing, trainer intervals to simulate the major climbs and heart rate challenging sets to run well. ”

— Adam Daniels, TSA Level III Coach

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Maine 70.3 coaching and training planning

What our coaches say about the race

What a beautiful venue and course in the Northeast.  If typical August temperatures prevail, the conditions should be ideal for a great day.  You begin with a point to point, sheltered ocean swim in Saco Bay.  Being wetsuit legal should not be a question for this one.  On the bike, you will start out gently climbing away from the coast and then find yourself cruising back into transition.  Sticking to your pacing and power targets, your legs should be ready to run well off the bike.  With the run course relatively flat and with portions of it being on a tree lined cinder trail, it’s a perfect way to finish up your race.  By following the TriStar plan you should cross the finish line hitting your goals for the day.  Then go and spend your afternoon at the beach where your day started. —Suzanne Turner, TSA Level I Coach

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Ironman Lake Placid coaching and training planning

What our coaches say about the course

“The beast of the Ironman East Coast! It is one of the top Ironman races on the circuit and we as TSA coaches love it because our training plan and raceday strategies help you achieve your goals. This course takes "artwork" in terms of preparation and pacing.” —Coach Adam Daniels, TSA Level II Coach

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Connecticut 70.3 coaching and training planning

What our coaches say about the race

Connecticut 70.3 is a fantastic test of early season fitness with 3800 feet of climbing on the bike and an additional 900 feet on the run. With early summer temperatures typically on the cooler side, the most important part of managing this course (besides enjoying the beautiful New England views) is controlling your efforts on the many hills and not burning too many matches early in the race. Do this, and you’re sure to start your season off on the right foot.

— Kyle Halloran, TSA Level I Coach

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Ironman Santa Rosa coaching and training planning

What our coaches say about the race

A cooler temp (Usual to this early season race) and great since it is in wine country! Also a great first timer course and a place to PR. For this Tristar race specific plan we have added quality training sessions in the aerobars due to the flat nature of the course. Longer runs and rides have a steady effort to the training as both the bike and run being flat need constant efforts to keep moving! Course coaching will discuss the benefits of pacing this course over video and audio. —Kyle Halloran, TSA Level I Coach

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Oceanside 70.3 coaching and training planning

What our coaches say about the Tristar race camp at Oceanside

Racing Oceanside camp weekend, your teammates will be cheering you towards a Half Ironman best with our coaches dialing in your race-day plans and needs. If you are training at camp you will be inspired to train at your very best with our coaches helping you every step of the way.  We will have skills based sessions for swim bike run, race simulations and coaching theory break out sessions for live Q&A. See our schedule of events from our previous camp (here). 

We have an ocean front  house rented for 2020 that will host our team of athletes with beach access for open water swims. Please register asap so you don't miss this great opportunity to train along side your peers as well as our principal coaching staff.

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Victoria 70.3 Coaching and Training Plan

What our coaches say about the course

A single loop wetsuit legal swim without any "drama" to worry about in the gorgeous waters of Elk Lake. One single loop of the coastline on the bike gets your legs slightly fatigued for the run but nothing too difficult if you stick to the Tristar plan. The total bike training load is slightly weighted in the plan versus swim and run stress to the training plan during the final build phases. For the run specific aspects of your training plan we have created treadmill to trail specific run sessions that are unique to the event. —Megan Tobin, TSA Level I Coach

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Hawaii 70.3 Coaching and Training Plan

What our coaches say about the race

What could be better... tougher... than doing a half ironman on the world championships course? Honu! Hot and challenging on the run, this course will test your mettle. This custom coached plan calls for our heat acclimation and protocol as well as open water swim workouts with flat course aerobar sessions. One of our favorite 70.3's here at Tristar Athletes. -Coach Haluk Sarci, TSA Level II Coach.

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Superfrog 70.3 Coaching and Training Plan

What our coaches say about the race

“An underrated course is what we say. It may be at the epicenter of triathlon (San Diego, CA) but its a low key competitive event. The sand beach run makes it a challenge and the Socal vibe is present. This custom Tristar training and race plan has pool based open water swim sessions to get you race ready as well as trainer sessions with larger gearing for the flat bike course.  ”

— Haluk Sarci, TSA Level II Coach