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Oceanside 70.3 coaching and training planning

What our coaches say about the Tristar race camp at Oceanside

Racing Oceanside camp weekend, your teammates will be cheering you towards a Half Ironman best with our coaches dialing in your race-day plans and needs. If you are training at camp you will be inspired to train at your very best with our coaches helping you every step of the way.  We will have skills based sessions for swim bike run, race simulations and coaching theory break out sessions for live Q&A. See our schedule of events from our previous camp (here). 

We have an ocean front  house rented for 2020 that will host our team of athletes with beach access for open water swims. Please register asap so you don't miss this great opportunity to train along side your peers as well as our principal coaching staff.

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Texas 70.3 Training Plan

What our coaches say about the race

"Dont mess with Texas", OR at least be prepared...! A nice on loop swim off the sandy white beach starts the day nicely before a windy bike ride. Temperatures are usually decent this time of year... we prepare athletes with this Tristar custom plan to have trainer specific rides that can be done on Zwift (or any trainer) since the race hits early in the season when most North American athletes have limited outdoor riding time. Specific and quality 70.3 Texas run intervals are also featured.— Cliff Scherb, TSA Level III Coach

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Gulf Coast 70.3 Training Plan


Flat and very fast this course demands consistent big ring work for advanced athletes and raw stamina for newer athletes to the distance. We customize this course specific plan with your coach to make sure you can hack the heat and with sessions that simulate flat conditions. Included in this TSA plan is open water swim practice that can also be done in the pool ; ). —Cliff Scherb, TSA Level III Coach

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Belgian Waffle Ride Training Plan

What our coaches say about the course

You'd better be ready! This hot and hilly long ride is one you will remember and especially if you don't prepare. Our custom Tristar BWR plan takes you to new heights - literally on the road and trainer with awesome Strava workout sessions to get you fit.

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Florida 70.3 Training Plan


An early season check of fitness where many athletes find refuge from the winter months. Warm and often humid though it is a flat and fast course delivering quick times. Great for early season Ironman prep. Our heat protocol and key bike sessions will ready you when you arrive in Haines City FL.