maine 70.3

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Maine 70.3 coaching and training planning

What our coaches say about the race

What a beautiful venue and course in the Northeast.  If typical August temperatures prevail, the conditions should be ideal for a great day.  You begin with a point to point, sheltered ocean swim in Saco Bay.  Being wetsuit legal should not be a question for this one.  On the bike, you will start out gently climbing away from the coast and then find yourself cruising back into transition.  Sticking to your pacing and power targets, your legs should be ready to run well off the bike.  With the run course relatively flat and with portions of it being on a tree lined cinder trail, it’s a perfect way to finish up your race.  By following the TriStar plan you should cross the finish line hitting your goals for the day.  Then go and spend your afternoon at the beach where your day started. —Suzanne Turner, TSA Level I Coach