Coaching for Coaches - The apprenticeship programs unique benefits

Learn more about the benefits of the Tristar Athletes apprenticeship coaching versus other programs. (*Spaces available may be limited.)

Program FAQ’s

  • The Tristar apprenticeship program meets weekly to discuss your athletes training, other programs are workshop or weekend intensives with no oversight or direction once the program ends.

  • The Tristar apprenticeship program is directed and overseen by our certified Level III coaches. Other programs offer modules to learn but no direct transfer of coaching knowledge from front line coaches “working in the trenches” as to what works.

  • Our program has the most number of training plans (850 at last count) and libraries of workouts (over 3K and growing) that are licensed to our coaches, including multisport, running events, strength training as well as nutrition plans. Other programs do not offer this and plans must be built from scratch.

  • From day one you have the option to work with athletes on the job that come directly to Tristar and are paired and matched with your coaching ability. Other programs do not offer oversight in the coaching process as well as help provide athlete leads.

  • Coaches are offered a profit share in the apprenticeship program that pays for the program and also provides coaching income. Other programs do not offer coaching compensation.

  • All billing for athletes and Coaching payments are handled by Tristar Athletes. Stand alone coaches and programs must do their own billing.

  • Coaching insurance: Tristar Athlete coaches can contract with several recommended independent insurance companies to suit each coaches needs. We “decouple” insurance from our program to provide a level of flexibility for each coach. We have designed our program this way to see the unique needs of an independent contractor coach. Other coaching programs will require upfront and ongoing membership dues and fees to retain insurance and coverage.


  • Live video FaceTime calls with all of the Tristar Athletes coaches are held each week to answer any questions you have about training physiology, your athletes goals, and their successful development. (Lead by principal Tristar Coaches) Not offered by other programs.

  • Weekly classroom video learning modules recorded live to educate and expand your coaching experience. Other programs offer playback videos only and or weekend workshops.

  • Team Dynamic; The Tristar Athletes apprenticeship program believes that our coaches support each other and help in the coaching process as one team. Stand alone coaches are solo in their work and other programs do not offer this leveraged experience.


  • Our coaching staff have over 1000 life years combined of coaching. (coaching an athlete through at least one year of training). We also have extensive race success and excellence with our hundreds of satisfied athletes as well as their coaches. We continue to develop cutting edge protocls working through the Tristar Athletes apprenticeship, mentorship and elite teams. We value each of our coaches experiences and foster an environment of continuous learning and improvment. Other program experiences may vary.

  • Knowledge base; All coaches receive access to our database of information, videos, key training principles, tactics and methods linked directly to Coaches use this database and our app (Proprietary coaches software) to share key texted links the minute an athlete has a question that needs further answering. When the coach cannot answer an athletes questions they can reach out to the weekly call sessions and a Tristar certified Level III coaching staff member can help answer their questions. Extent of other programs key information, app and database may provide only limited resources in all dimensions of coaching.


  • The apprenticeship program offers upward mobility and a potential career path.

  • With each level the total income as well as experience of the coach rises. A greater take home percentage is awarded to those coaches with more tenure and athletes.

  • Figures below are sustained athletes and may be more depending on the number and mix of athletes you are working with.

Coaches annual income by level

Estimated apprenticeship coaches pre tax income based on sustained athletes. We provide our coaches with athlete leads as well as how to market themselves in finding new athletes.

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