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Interview With Durst Breneiser, a monster PR at Ironman Maryland

Congratulations to Durst Breneiser who PR’d big time this weekend at Ironman Maryland shaving off a huge 2.5 Horus from his previous Ironman distance best. Durst was collected and executed to make this day happen. Learn more about his training and the great day at Cambridge.

Race report

Got to hear those immortal words once again “Durst, You are an IRONMAN!” on Saturday. For those of you who want to read on, I’ll do a little race report:
Pre-Race: Day started well, woke up a little earlier than I wanted but felt primed and ready. The previous’s days wind had died down and on the way to transition the weather was perfect. Checked in the special needs bags that I never ended up using, got some last minute encouragement from the support crew and headed to the swim start.
Swim - Felt good in the swim but often found myself kind of in no man’s land with no one to draft off of. The sun also made it difficult to see the buoys til the first turn. Add on top of that the swim course was long, looked like on average about 500 yards long. Stuck to the race plan, executed the pace, kept it mentally together even with the longer route, got out of the water and started toward the bike.
Bike - This was a FLAT course, unlike where I train in the mountains. The nice part about training in the mountains was that the elevation drop to do the race gave me a little extra in the tank. Crushed the bike, some winds but nothing too bad or exciting to report. First sub 5 hour century bike ride and headed to the run.
Run - Those first steps out of transition even that first mile tells you exactly where you are at. Turned my watch so it just showed heart rate and would notify me on mile splits. That strategy worked perfectly. Aid stations were amazing and once again a flat course.
Overall - First Ironman in Wisconsin I did in a little over 14 hours. This one I did in about 11 1/2. Two very different courses but nonetheless extremely happy with my progress. Thanks to my coach Cliff Scherb of Tristar Athletes LLC. Cassidy for being the best sherpa, girlfriend and sports nutritionist to dial me in food wise. My parents for helping me get there, and everything else they did that day, Julie and Jeffrey always there. More to come!
— Durst Breneiser

Durst, managed to beat or match our expected pacing and Raceday targets. Durst was a pacing archer, having little deviation from the plan and it paid off big time.


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