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Tristar Custom Wattie Ink Team Store Pre orders

Tristar Athlete, we will be opening up the Wattie ink store front soon! Please fill out your contact information below and we will let you know when the store opens. (*WARNING - these kits have super powers and may cause PR’s or other fast racing and training results. ;)

Six kit pieces new for 2019!

  • Tri Aero training and race suit

  • Tri Aero training and race top

  • Tri Aero training and race shorts

  • Cycling Vest (New!)

  • Cycling Bib Shorts (New!)

  • “Double Threat” Jacket (New!)

  • Run Tops (New!)

  • Boco Run hat (New!)

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Coaches Corner

Tristar Athletes & Coaches experiences and testimonials

In the comments below we have asked our athletes and coaches to share their experiences about working with Tristar Athletes, their training and journey.

We are a proud bunch of Coaches and athletes at Tristar and often times those who are curious about our program want to know “what its all about”. We have put this testimonial page together to demonstrate our dedication, experience, and to earn your trust in Coaching.

As one of our coached athletes we encourage you to share ✍🏻 you experiences below, if you are new to our site welcome and please meet the team!

Macro Nutrient Tips for endurance athletes

What are they? Three building blocks of your foods, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and a 4th “water”…

What they do? Macro’s help us grow, repair, and give us energy.

  • Each macro has its own specific role and function in the body.

  • Carbs: Required highly for brain and day to day function. Think immediate energy and blood sugar needs. Walking, talking and basic immediate functions.

  • Fats are key for brain development and making hormones.

  • Fats: Highest calorie count per gram… requiring more energy to burn…. At the same time are helpful for increasing feelings of “satiation”.

  • Fats: Help to balance and stabilize energy / blood sugar levels.

  • Proteins: provide amino acids which are the building blocks of cells and cellular repair operations.

  • Water: Considered a “macro” because we consume it in large amounts and is essential to life. 80% of our bodies are water….

  • Micro Nutrients: These are vitamins and minerals required in smaller amounts for our diets.

  • Application - use MFP my fitness pal and Training peaks.

  • How to lose weight and balance energy with macros as an athlete

Cliff Scherb

Off Season Racing for Tristar Athletes

Calculated, methodical, and planning for your success is what our coaches at Tristar Athletes will do; Yet from time to time doing something completely different will generate the best for you training and mojo. What are some examples you might ask? Here are a few the Tristar Athletes have recently been up to that might work for your geolocation : )

Coaching Bio, level I

Attila Kelemen, TSA Level I Coach

"Consistency trumps 'big days'. Continuously making deposits in the fitness bank, as small as they may sometimes seem, will make a big withdrawal on race day that much more manageable. That said, every so often 'life happens' and some course-correction is inevitable - that's where the TriStar coaching approach, backed by science and experience, is guaranteed to make a difference." —Coach Attila Kelemen