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Ironman Boulder Training Plan

What our coaches say about this course

The air may be thin but the training is “thick”! Steady ups and downs on the bike and run course make this course challenging but quick. Quick? The bike paced well with our Tristar Athletes plan teaches you how to pedal when up to speed and coast when effort is not needed. Onto the run you will benefit from key sessions we put together that tax your legs when running uphill. Our coaches know Boulder, live in Boulder and can help you be your best at this course.
— Adam Daniels, TSA Level III Coach

Coaching Plan Overview


  • Ironman Boulder course specific coaching plan made for you and your goals.

  • Daily workouts and season plan overview hand crafted for you.

  • Tristar video and audio reviews of the training block phase and how it relates to the course dynamics. Training peaks sessions designed for peak performance. (Export to all devices)

  • Raceday course overview and pacing strategy.

select coaching options

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Elite Team

Custom training plan,1x1 Coach to athlete relationship.

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Mentorship Team

Custom training plan, group coaching dynamic.


Plan Only

Customized Plan for "X" number of weeks.