Athlete Bio

Ryan "Chef" Ososky - athlete bio

Athlete Bio

Age: M40-44

Geography: Tristar Athletes Southwest

State: USA, California, Los Angeles, and originally from Michigan

Fun facts: Ryan is a top age grouper and top chef in the Los Angeles area. Recently Ryan opened a Plant Based restaurant in the Los Angeles area called Nics on Beverly. Competitive in the kitchen and out on courses! Ryan is a great “smack talker” and enjoys a healthy level of banter with his teammates to get fired up in the kitchen and for racing/training. Having a dash of healthy competitiveness is always appreciated when you have to go hard to get the FTP speed and gains!

Bio, goals and races tactics: Ryan has been working hard with his Coach to qualify for Worlds 70.3 and in 2018 qualified for the 2019 NICE 70.3 World Championships. He will join the other Tristar Athletes competing in the world championships against the worlds best. Future goals for Ryan? …step up to the full Ironman distance and go long with the speed he is massing at the half distances.

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 7.08.41 AM.png
  • Race History: Ryan has raced a total of 13 70.3s! He qualified for worlds at steelhead 70.3 in 2018

  • Tristar Athlete ELITE team for three years

  • PR of 4:57 for the 70.3 distance… and we agree even more potential there! (More about top racing at the half ironman distance)

  • favorite training and racing memories: “Mallorca was a pretty epic race. Wildflower is a brutal course. Cozumel the swim is beautiful. Probably the first time I won my age group in an Olympic distance race. Small glory! …Several local age group wins in short distance races”

  • Other : Ryan trains with a Wahoo Kickr to deliver his training peaks workouts created by his coach. The work he has put in there makes him one of our strongest time trialists.

  • ELITE team member

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