Athlete Bio

Kurt "Young Jedi" Skalamera- athlete bio

Athlete Bio

Age: M25-29

Geography: Tristar Athletes Northeast

State: USA, New York, NY

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Fun facts:  “Nothing cools me down like a jump in the ocean after a long run. Nothing hydrates me like an ice cold beer after a long ride. I dive into movies like I dive into the pool: full immersion! Recovery days are the best when I can binge a good show or host a movie marathon. NYC is my home and I love all that it offers for food, culture, art and - not least of all - training!”

Bio, goals and races, tactics: “My goal is to explore the depths of my potential as an endurance athlete. I want to get stronger, I want to learn about myself, and I want to have fun. I have dreams of podiums and world championships, but I take it one step at a time. And I want to build a long term fitness foundation for myself. I don't let short term goals impede on long term potential. I want to invest in my fitness bank, so that it pay dividends for many years. I have the future in mind and hope to be crossing finish lines 30-40 years down the line.”

Races: For the remainder of 2019, I will be racing Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City and the New York City Marathon (my first marathon). I am excited to get some 2020 races on the calendar soon.


training tactics: We continue to pour cement in the foundation. Historically, I've always strived for faster, faster, faster. I have no issue with pushing myself to the limit. My ticker often pays the price. I am no stranger to the red zone as I tend to rush into Zone 4 and Zone 5. But I am working on building a more solid fitness base so I can go longer, longer, longer. Without my heart rate getting higher, higher, higher. I'm trying to become better friends with Z2 and Z3.

Tell us more about your training and racing history and accomplishments: I finally dove into triathlon in 2015, but the road had been paved long before. My sister works in the industry and every other member of my family had competed long before I toed the line. I was an athlete growing up (football, basketball, soccer), but bucked the family endurance trend because… "just running? No thanks!" They'd go on family runs, and I'd stay home to shoot hoops! After college, basketball injuries were becoming more and more common. My body couldn't take the physicality like it used to. I could hear the call to endurance sport: a new way to channel my competitive energy. A less physical, more mental challenge. I was in. And, after my first race, I was all in. I started with a few olympic distance triathlons and recently made the jump to 70.3 which I think could be my sweet spot in the sport. The triathlon community is welcoming yet competitive, friendly yet intense. I've learned a lot, met some amazing people, and pushed myself to new limits. I have no plans of stopping.


Your favorite training, camp or racing memory: To me, training is as sweet as racing. Many people need goal races to fuel their training, but I've just always loved training. Many times, the thrill of a well-executed workout or a long run or a group ride can be more thrilling than a finish line. Some moments that come to mind include: riding the scenic Pacific Coast with the Tristar group on one of my longest and most beautiful rides ever; solo climbing Mt. Lemmon, AZ and blowing past expectations I had set for myself; and, keeping up with pro triathletes during intense track workouts. That being said, the taste of the finish line can be pretty satisfying too. Crossing the line of my first 70.3 was the sweetest taste of racing reward I have ever experienced.

  • Uses a combination of heart rate based training and pace + power to dial in his race-day

  • Trains with a Wahoo Kicrk/Zwift setup to maximize his training time.

  • Joined our Oceanside race camp in 2019 where he “crushed” the bike coming back from San Diego.

  • First season on the Tristar Athletes team.

  • ELITE team member.

  • Coach TSA Attila Kelemen

Custom training plan + advanced education to support Kurt’s races, training and goals.

“Training plan-for success” - Kurt’s recent training planning for his season

Meet the coaches that work together as a unit to support this athlete