Athlete Bio

Eric "Burning man" Burns - athlete bio

Athlete Bio

Age: M25-29

Geography: Tristar Athletes Northeast

State: Maine

Fun facts: An engineer by trade Eric takes his workouts seriously and leverages his technical application of his training plan to a great degree of accuracy and intensity. (Shorten training times aka more for less)

Still a “young gun” when it comes to his endurance, Eric has a major capacity to suffer and put out a hard and gritty effort. Eric has been known to ride “dawn patrol” rides in cold wet Maine conditions where true racing character is built. Being dedicated has its perks.. Eric is quite fit and maintains one of the highest year round CTL’s based on his goals of getting faster and stronger.

Bio, goals and races, tactics: Eric recently raced Maine 70.3 and and shattered his half ironman PR! Way to go Eric! Next up? Ironman Chattanooga as an iron Tristar team relay. Eric has been working on all thresholds and has improved his bike and run substantially from last season. (He did his first full last year)

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  • Part of our Ironman Lake Placid race camp, Eric, took advantage working hard with his teammates going extra long to build needed stamina and endurance for Maine and Chattanooga.

  • Uses a combination of heart rate based training and pace + power to dial in his race-day approach.

  • Has worked with his coach and coaches this season to develop a long term plan and roadmap for success where short term gains are qualified towards the greater prize of long term consistency for race success! There are no shortcuts ; )

  • Genuine; Eric is real and true to himself and our team as he shares his love for the sport with Tristar athletes in our online community, at races and camps. We are lucky to have him on board!

  • ELITE team member.

“Training plan-for success” - Eric’s recent training for his season

Custom training plan + advanced education to support this athletes races, training and goals.