Tristar Athletes Mentorship team vs elite team

Tristar Athlete, from time to time you may from one program to the next based on your goals and training focus. We have put together quick comparison between the main differences for you to help determine which team program is right for you.


  • The ELITE team is a 1x1 coaching relationship with one of our certified coaches, where as the the MENTORSHIP team is a coach to athlete to group relationship. For communication under the ELITE team you and your coach will speak live, FaceTime or meet in person when possible towards your progress and goals. The Mentorship team has communication feedback only on facebook live calls.

  • ELITE members can text and email their coaches based on these best communication practices.

  • The MENTORSHIP team does not offer text or phone support however consultations can be purchased a la carte.


  • ELITE team; Your coach will be monitoring your progress from training peaks in your comments and updating your plan based on your ELITE communication level A,B,C). Insights to your progress and development are part of the analysis.

  • The MENTORSHIP team has analysis via our weekly facebook meetings only or a la carte paid sessions with a Tristar coach.

Plan Updates

  • ELITE Atheltes have their plans updated regularly (daily, weekly, monthly per their ELITE level A,B,C)

  • MENTORSHIP athletes have their plans updated for each block (~every four weeks) based on their athlete progress form submission to their coach (See more here )

For more questions about which program is best for you and when contact your Tristar Athletes coach or email

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