level III

Coaching Bio, level III

Adam Daniels, TSA Level III Coach

Adam Daniels is a coach, ultra runner and triathlete based in Boulder, CO. Adam developed his passion for triathlon after many years as a runner and much encouragement from his peers to give it a “tri”. After suffering an injury, Adam started swimming and biking to satisfy his need for an active lifestyle. “It was a much needed break from the thousands of running miles logged training and racing. I developed a whole new competitive drive”. So Adam set out to take on the triathlon world.

Coaching Bio, level III

Cliff Scherb, Principal Coach TSA Level III

Cliff Scherb  – Internet endurance consultant is an active triathlete and head of the TriStar Athletes North American and Global Teams.  As the founder and principal coach of TriStar Athletes LLC, he works with the ELITE and MENTORSHIP teams to help athletes, balance training stress, nutrition, and peak for top performances.  Coaching for 15+ years with over 250+ life years of coaching experience, Cliff imparts this knowledge to aspiring athletes and coaches.