Apprenticeship Coach

Coaching Bio, level II

Kyle Halloran, TSA Level II Coach

Kyle is an All-American triathlete looking to shift his focus towards coaching and helping other triathletes realize their potential, physically and mentally. He knows the impact an informed and empathetic coach can have an an individual’s life, and hopes to have a similar impact on the lives of others he will coach. 

Coaching Bio, level II

Attila Kelemen, TSA Level II Coach

"Consistency trumps 'big days'. Continuously making deposits in the fitness bank, as small as they may sometimes seem, will make a big withdrawal on race day that much more manageable. That said, every so often 'life happens' and some course-correction is inevitable - that's where the TriStar coaching approach, backed by science and experience, is guaranteed to make a difference." —Coach Attila Kelemen

Coaching Bio, level II

Megan Tobin, TSA Level II Coach

Megan truly agrees with Ironman’s statement that Anything Is Possible - with proper coaching and training. Balancing work, family and training can be hard, and Megan knows how to help balance all these priorities - Persistence, diligence and a good amount of flexibility.

 “Everyone’s looking for a hack, but real rewards come from real hard work. Do things outside of your comfort zone, put in the work and make your dreams happen. I can’t wait to see what I can do next in this sport, and I’m just as excited to be able to share that with others. ”