Yoga for endurance athletes

 ...We build up our fitness, we get healthier and stronger from our endurance training yet often times we are so inflexible   our performance gains can be limited.  Ok, So now you must be saying “WIFM”  what’s in it for me?! 

  We at TriStar Athletes often call yoga and stretching the “fruits and vegetables” of your endurance life.  They may not be as sexy as swim bike run, but boy do they pack of mean punch in terms of keeping you in the game.  And isn’t that the point?   Going longer and harder than ever before? … When you’re injured or on the edge of injury you can’t “push the limits “. 

 The most successful athletes we’ve worked with in our coaching program, take a religious viewpoint upon stretching and strength.   ...They buy into the fact that shortening a ride or run or swim to get in 10 to 15 minutes of stretch and stenght time is worth it.

Certainly, there are times when training peaks out and it’s hard to fit it all in, however we must make the time!  

  Below are the top reasons why you should continue to focus on yoga in your training. 

1.  Injury prevention (Enough said)

2.  Lower stress levels  ( which equates to  a faster recovery time. ) 

3.  The ability to hold best form while time trialing.  (better race potential)

4.   Increased overall flexibility and range of motion.  ( very helpful for muscle mobility in running and cycling. ) 

5.  Increased blood flow to tight muscles  ( overall injury prevention and recovery are  enhanced ) 

6. Improved  training consistency ( higher continuous training loads, better peaks & form for racing! )

  You may be reading this and saying.... “I don’t have time for yoga”… Eventually everyone has time for yoga;  once you become injured or are not performing to your true potential.   


~ TriStar Athletes coaching and staff