Cliff Scherb

Success is an iceberg...


When we see someone experience success, we often think "they are gifted" they have some sort of innate "talent" that I do not possess.  They must be just "lucky" and I could never achieve that.

What most people see outwardly is the success or the tip of the iceberg, but what most cannot see are the dedications, ongoing small decisions on a continuous basis that lead to this goal of success. It is the product of this applied over time that nets HUGE returns and gains.  Hard work doesn't come easy and good habits are hard to follow and likely along the way there is disappointment, self sacrifice, failure and through these trials of persistence we reach something we never thought possible. 

Sometimes we have to step back and think, if it were easy would I even go for it?  The challenge is to produce something greater than what you could have ever dreamed possible....  

Over my career and 550+ "life years" of coaching..  (A life year is guiding and directing someone in coaching) rarely does success come easily.  It is the product of consistency, planning and execution.  Pre-meditated if you will, to the the goal and ends.  

Today is an opportunity to continue down the path towards success. Make the small and large sacrifices, be true to the goals and embrace the iceberg to achieve your peaks and goals.

Train hard...  and SMART! 

Coach Cliff