How to properly pace a hilly Ironman: Lake Placid 2019

Tristars and extended family, please tune in LIVE 6/26 5:30 PST on this page to learn how to pace a hilly ironman course and specifically this years Ironman in Lake Placid. For more about the course dynamics at Lake Placid see our detailed pacing strategies below.

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  • Two loops

  • Seed by swim time -5min faster than predicted

  • Swim inside or outside the rectangle…long as you hit the end buoy!

  • Swim on the underwater line? + / - We discuss live.

  • Swim RPE 2-4 for beginners, 4-5 for intermediates, 6-7 for elites and pros.

Bike pacing

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NEW FOR 2019: Bikes will be going PAST Northwood Road (Cobble Mountain Lodge area) to the stop light at the intersection of 86 and 73 (in Lake Placid), turnaround and head back on 86 and make a left onto Northwood Road and continue as normal. They will only be going down Bobsled Run Lane about 1 mile and they will NOT be going into the Whiteface Mountain Ski Center this year.

  • Pace it easy for loop one

  • Pedal coast from miles 18-25

  • Watch power on the second loop and especially turning onto the hills at “Jay”

  • Save your best efforts for the final loop climb back into Lake Placid ~ 22mi

  • Nutrition early and often as you have practiced…


Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 8.54.04 AM.png
  • Lots of easy on the first down hill section up to mile 9. “High cadence off the bike”

  • Steady and watch heart rate on the first loop back up to Mirror lake.

  • Carry momentum back down for loop two. (Think slightly faster than goal race pace)

  • Hang on for the final 10K mostly upwards to the finish.

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