Robin Galaskewicz Egoscue Therapist

Bio of healing

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Robin graduated with a degree in Kinesiology from Penn State/Lock Haven University. In 2002, he began working as a postural alignment therapist/personal trainer using principles of the Egoscue Method and their books to help clients in pain. In 2007, he became certified with the highest accreditation given by the Egoscue University as an Accredited Exercise Therapist (AET). Currently, he works between Philadelphia and New York helping people in pain. He is also certified as personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM-CPT). Robin has had the pleasure of working with Olympians including two time Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer Tom Dolan, Marathon Olympian Ted Corbitt "The Father of Long Distance Running" and many other professional athletes.

Robin on a personal level has dealt with a tremendous amount of pain as an athlete. He ran track and cross country at Penn State University.  His favorite events were the 400M, 800M, and 5 Mile run.  In his junior year of college, he was told from doctor's that he should never run again. He had pain in his knees, lower back, neck, and shoulder.  Also, he had suffered a complete tear of one of his hip flexor muscles, knee meniscus/tracking issues, and injured his achillies tendon very badly while running.  On top of that while weight training he had even dislocated one of his shoulders.  Running which was his favorite thing to do now had become near impossible and in the doctors eyes detrimental to his body and joints. The pain was so debilitating, it was negatively affecting his studies, work, relationships, sleep, and all other aspects of his life. On an emotional level, it was nothing short of devastating and he didn't know where to turn next.

Robin was very confused to why he had pain and his instincts told him that he should once again be able to run pain free.  In his search to get better from many different health-care practitioners and only experiencing temporary, symptomatic relief, Robin knew the search had to continue because it wasn’t an option to allow his body to deteriorate and not enjoy the activities that bring him pleasure.

Robin finally stumbled upon a book called "Pain Free" by Pete Egoscue which would change his life forever.  This book was all about how pain and misaligned joints and poor posture cause pain. Finally somebody explained to him WHY he had pain. He realized he was using the wrong muscles to move and his posture and alignment had become compromised and imbalanced.  It was such an enormous reprieve when reading this book and it explained why his body was demonstrating such acute pain. It explained how to achieve the proper alignment of the body through stretching, reactivating, and strengthening of muscles by using very specific postural exercises. He had never seen, experienced, or heard of a methodology that used exercises to achieve proper alignment and function.  It was a common sense approach and made complete sense to straighten then strengthen one's posture.

Within six months, he was completely pain free and has been running 11 years since then pain free.  Robin now dedicates his work and life to helping others with a similar story to his in GETTING THEIR LIFE BACK!

Testimonial from Tom Dolan, two time Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer 1996, 2000 on his experience with Robin Galaskewicz.

"As a Gold Medal Olympic Swimmer I worked out with a number of very good athletic trainers throughout my career.  I have been retired for a little over two years.  I started working with Robin approximately six months ago.  As a result of the constant and repetitive motions involved with swimming, as well as competing for over twenty years, I have lingering injuries that bother me everyday.

Robin has done a great job working on my alignment and posture.  He has implemented many different exercises that focus on core body strength.  I herniated two discs in my lower back and had knee surgery during my career.  There for, I have had lingering problems with those areas, along with hamstring and neck problems.  Robin has helped to alleviate the pain by working on improving my posture and increasing my flexibility.

Robin is extremely knowledgeable about each exercise he gives me and is very willing to stop and explain what purpose it is serving.  I have enjoyed my time with Robin and would highly recommend his expertise in pain relief and proper muscular function workouts."


Tom Dolan
Olympic Gold Medalist
Swimming 1996, 2000