Tristar's fab 5 racing NICE 70.3 World championships

Tristar Athletes has six ELITE athletes who qualified this year for the NICE 70.3 World Championships. Each athlete has worked incredibly hard and we are incredibly proud of their accomplishments to get there. Learn more about each athletes journey, training, racing, and our coaches insights into their training.


NICE 70.3 pacing and course strategy

  • Tristars! Welcome to the world championships, this is just like any other race.. !

  • Treat it like that. Bigger race but the pacing is still the same as any 70.3…. the nerves might be more.

  • Stay within your race, pace well and early.

  • Follow our race nutrition planning and protocols.

  • What you did in your training plan has delivered this day! Remember the key sessions and how they felt for Raceday.

One lap swim, first left hand turn East into the sun ☀️

One lap swim, first left hand turn East into the sun ☀️

  • 5K of vertical.. is ALOT.

  • First climb not “major” 1K but has some steeper sections.

  • Col De Vence “major climb” of the day ~6% avg grade, approximately 10K long and 2K vertical.

  • Last two smaller climbs not much vertical or grade to deal with.

  • Steep, fast and twisting decent for the majority of the rest of the ride.

  • First 6 and final 8 miles are flat and fast.

  • Follow your key Tristar bike pacing strategies


NICE 13.1 Run course Map

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 1.50.07 PM.png