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Psoas Stretch - "Runners Stretch"


  1. Grab a Stretch-Out Strap, a towel, a rope, two belts fastened together—whatever.

  2. Loop one end around one of your feet and hold the other in the same side hand

  3. Lie on the edge of your bed with one leg planted on the ground and the other flat on the bed and parallel to the edge of the bed.  The one on the bed should be the one that the strap is looped around.

  4. Prop your torso up on your elbows.

  5. Scoot the planted foot as far forward (toward your head) as possible.  Doing so, you might feel a hamstring stretch in the planted leg.

  6. Pull on the strap, bringing your foot toward your shoulder blades.  Hold 30 seconds and repeat for each leg as needed.

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Swiss Ball Plank

The plank is a handstand and balance pose that strengthens the abdominal and lower-back muscles as well as the shoulders and upper back. Variations of the plank provide different levels of challenge and work diverse muscle groups. For example, the high and low planks engage the rectus abdominus and lower-back muscles, while the side plank focuses more on the obliques. The reverse plank focuses more on the lower back.