Macro Nutrient Shifting

★★★Macro Nutrients: Fueling for muscle recovery and repair (FFMR)

As part of your training/nutrition plan at Tristar, before your training session you need to determine what to eat. This ultimately starts the conversation of “where you are” and where you are going for todays training. Our coaches have put together the following decision support to fuel your training in realtime.

Fueling for muscle recovery (FFMR)

  • FFMR: This is intended for all types of training intensities and zones from short to longer sessions, endurance sports to core strength and weight lifting.

  • FFMR: The overall goal in developing muscle and recovering muscles to their full potential requires proteins and carbohydrates.

  • FFMR: Pre workout, during workout and post workout windows all can include a protein component to “feed” the muscles. Proteins are the building blocks of muscle energy and repair.

  • FFMR: For athletes < 140lbs they can consume up to 20g of protein pre meal, 10-15g during training and up to 30grams post training. For athletes > than 140bls they can consume up to 40g of protein pre meal, 15-20g during training and up to 40grams post training. (Note; if you are consuming too much protein you can slow the gut and absorption during training. The target amounts are larger post training session by design for maximum absorption. You should test and experiment how you feel with amounts in each window.)

  • FFMR: Post workout is the ideal time to use protein and carbs to repair, build and grow muscle mass. Taking in a meal that has quality carbohydrates as well as protein can enhance the effect. The combination of the two macros post workout will help to shuttle protein to muscle repair. If your goal is to NOT gain muscle mass but simply repair muscles a more modest approach to consuming protein should be considered (10-15%) and or consuming only carbohydrates. (To replenish glycogen).

  • FFMR: What kinds of food proteins you ask? We generally espouse at Tristar an organic diet of mostly fruits and veggies with balanced protein. Here are some of the top choices from our coaches……..

  1. Eggs

  2. Salmon

  3. Chicken

  4. Greek yogurt

  5. Tuna

  6. Lean beef

  7. Shrimp

  8. Soybeans

  9. Cottage cheese

  10. Turkey breast

  11. Tilapia

  12. Beans

  13. Protein powders (whey)

  14. Edamame

  15. Quinoa

  16. Scallops

  17. Lean Jerky

  18. Chickpeas

  19. Peanuts

  20. Buckwheat

  21. Tofu

  22. Pork Tenderloin

  23. Milk

  24. Almonds

  25. Bison

  26. Brown rice