Macro Nutrient Shifting

★★★Macro Nutrients: Optimization for fueling for performance prior to workouts (FFP)

As part of your training/nutrition plan at Tristar, before your training session you need to determine what to eat. This ultimately starts the conversation of “where you are” and where you are going for todays training. Our coaches have put together the following decision support to fuel your training in realtime.

Fueling for performance (FFP)

  • FFP: This is intended for higher intensity training and or longer sessions where the overall effort is a rate of perceived effort of 5 or more on a scale from 1-10 and heart rate zones two and higher.

  • FFP: The majority of foods to take in should be 80-100% carbohydrates, low or non fat options and modest in protein 5-10%.

  • FFP: If you are < 30minutes out from a race or hard effort (example track workout, 5K race or criterium) your choices should be more liquid in nature. Semi liquids such as gels and gummies are also an option. Total calories should be no more than 200 and mostly simply carbs or sugars which tend to break down more quickly and leave the gut more empty prior to starting.

  • FFP: If you are >30minutes and < 90minutes out from a race or hard effort you can consume a portion of slow burning carbohydrates and fast burning (More simple sugars in nature) We recommend 80% slower burning carbs and 20% simple or fast acting in nature. Total calories should be ~150-500.

  • FFP: If you are >90minutes out from a race or hard effort, (of the carbs you consume) you can make them 100% slow burning. (~200-800+ calories as needed, and proportions of total calories may be 70% carbohydrates, 10-20% fats and 10-20% proteins)

  • FFP: One caveat to the above details is that if you are “light” meaning your body is semi fasted and or glycogen stores are low you should think to prioritize simple sugars vs slow ones. In addition think about lowering total protein and good fats as they will slow absorption and delay getting in the neccessary fuel needed for the upcoming efforts. The idea is to raise the blood sugar and gain quick energy. By way of example, its as if you are going to take the “car” out for a long drive across state, you have to put fuel in the tank! (In this instance 90% carbohydrate 10% protein is ideal)

  • FFP: Examples of foods to consume for quick energy are fresh organic juices, fruit, gummies or gels. Examples of foods to consume for more steady burning energy are steel cut oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa.