UCAN - Genration UCAN "Super Starch"

An extremely versatile and stable performance and weight loss carbohydrate….How our coaches would best describe the product

"Steel cut oatmeal in a bottle - not by taste but in the way it performs!  Lasting and sustained natural energy that does not leave you feeling extremely full.

How we are recommending our athletes use it.....

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 9.05.23 AM.png

 During base phase periods where we would like the athlete to lean out

 During shorter workouts lasting 30min-2hrs to sustain energy without and insulin spike. (If they are working out longer than 60min we usually recommend one packet before and one packet afterwards during base phase training.

 During tapering - To help satiate and keep an athlete with a high metabolism lean and full of energy before a race.  In the final 3-5 days before a taper for a race 1-3 packets / day.

 It could be used during build phases or higher energy work loads but would need to be timed around low energy demand workouts where glycogen stores are more topped off.

 Somewhat less during build phases and or intensive multi workotus in a day schedule where an athlete would need to restore glycogen.

 Usually try to time it around less intensive workouts of HR Z1-Z2 or less than 82% of LTHR

 As a late day snack for a working athlete who may have an evening workout planned before a late dinner to help stay fueled up.


  • Increased VO2 Max

  • Reduced weight in a healthy way with less energy dips and or binges

  • Better metabolic efficiency

  • Lower body fat percentage.

Best way to take it.

  • Very cold or chilled

  • With ice or crushed ice.

  • NOT with any sugar additives to it.

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