Athlete Bio

Lauren "fast" Dahlin - athlete bio

Athlete Bio

Age: F25-29

Geography: Tristar Athletes Southeast

State: Washington DC

Fun facts: Lauren not only trains hard she studies hard! Currently she is a second-year doctoral student in Information Systems at the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland where she focuses on education technology and diversity and inclusion in tech. Prior to starting at Smith, she worked as a Research Analyst at the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University where she used the latest econometric methods and data visualization to create insights in education.

“On a more personal note, shortly before starting my PhD, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, an autoimmune disorder. Meeting the amazing athletes in the online diabetic community inspired me to run my first half marathon, marathon, half Ironman, and full Ironman (2.4 mi swim, 112 mi bike, 26.2 mi run) in roughly one year (article). I am passionate about sharing my love of endurance sports and diabetes technology through my new blog triT1Dtech.”

Bio, goals and races, tactics: Upcoming race Ironman Mont Tremblant and most notably and recently CT 70.3 where she placed top 10 in her age group.

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  • Lauren trains locally and broadly with our team and network of Tristars. Recently she impressed us at our Lake Placid training camp, clocking big mileage and output for IMMT.

  • Uses a combination of heart rate based training and pace + power to dial in her race-day approach. Data driven and applied in approach, she also uses run power for key training and races.

  • Trains with a Wahoo Kicrk/Zwift setup to maximize her training time.

  • Long term approach; Lauren has loads of potential and we have been nudging her to give long course a run for its money.. we think she has what it takes to be the fastest T1D female triathlete .

  • ELITE Tristar Athletes team member.

  • Works with Coach Cliff Scherb for her training and type 1 diabetes management.

“Training plan-for success” - Lauren’s training planning

Custom training plan + advanced education to support this athletes races, training and goals.